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Afia Schwarzenegger claims Counselor Lutterdot's wife has divorced him

Self-proclaiming queen of Ghanaian comedy, Afia Schwarzenegger, said Counselor Lutterdot’s marriage is in crisis. According to Afia, the marriage has hit the rock after Lutterdot’s wife left him. 

She claimed that the wife left because Lutterdot was “jobless” and “full of foolishness”. This was gathered by in a report sighted on She added that Lutterdot was no longer in the news like he was formerly because he was crying over spilled milk. Afia Schwar finally dared Lutterdot to deny the allegation if he is capable, and also tell Ghanaians where his wife was.

“Counselor Lutterodt is missing in action like the Accra Mayor. His wife left him because he is stupid and jobless,” Afia Schwar said. “Counselor Lutterodt where is your wife? A wife will never stay with a man who is jobless and is full of foolishness,” she added. Meanwhile, it had long been reported that Lutterodt’s marriage to his wife Abigail Naa Yemoley, with whom he has two children, was failing. But he refuted the reports, and stressed that he was happily married to the wife.
YangRadioOnline, however, cannot verify Afia Scwhar’s allegation. 

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