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The Bone Gyga Show host on Yang Radio  On Monday 7th January says Rev. Owusu Bampah's way of prophesying is wrong and further supported it  with facts.

The Rev On 31st December Night Prophesied that the chief lmam  will die which triggered the Muslim youth to storm his church premises damaging properties.
He also prophesied the formal president John Mahama will die in 2019,with all this prophesy Abayiwa on Yang Radio and TV took to air  describing his act of prophesying as wrong even though the president Nana Addo acknowledge him as Nation's Prophet.
Not condemning his prophecy's Abayiwa firstly said all Owusu Bampah prophecy's are about death example is the Kintamppo fall incudent and now the Chief lemam Shiekh Usman Nuru Sharebuttu and John Mahama.

   Secondly, Owusu Bampah is a Politician pastor. After his properties were destroyed by the Muslim youth he said it is the NDC who is behind his attack and destroying his properties. 
Futhermore, his prophecy's conflict with each other. He said John Mahama will die in 2019 and same Mahama shouldn't be allowed in 2020 election. Prophesy's are real but when given to you, you must give it out with wisdom (2 Sam 12:1-12) Abayiwa On #Bone_Gya On #YangRadio  
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