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I am disappointed in Sarkodie for ignoring me after ‘Gbozaa’ video – Yaw Dabo

Diminutive Kumawood actor, Yaw Dabo, has said he was very disappointed in Ghana’s ‘Highest’ rapper, Sarkodie.

According to Dabo, the rapper had refused to call him after he featured in the video of one of his super hit songs, ‘Gboza’. He had expected that Sarkodie would at least call to say “thank you” to him since the video was dropped in April last year. 

Dabo and his colleague actor, Don Little, both featured in the music video which has garnered over two million views on YouTube, according to’s checks. He acted as the main character of the song who was finding life very difficult making his family members not respect him. Despite Sarkodie’s neglect, Dabo said he received a sum of GH₵1,000 for the video, but still, he was looking forward to the rapper’s direct gratitude message to him.  He stated, however, that he does not know whether that money even came from Sarkodie himself or the producer of the video, adding that the sum was nothing to him. According to him, if he were to charge Sarkodie, he would have taken nothing less than GH₵10,000, but because he took him as his own brother or father, he decided to accept the GH₵1,000.
“I really feel sorry for Sark, my own father that after the video he has not even taken a phone to call to say thank you. I really feel sorry,” heard Dabo complain in the video in the Twi language. 

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