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5 Signs Your Partner Has Lost Interest In You

Has your relationship been a bit rocky lately or have you just missed the warning signs?
Like the life cycle, everything in this universe is born, it grows, and eventually, dies. This goes for the same for the people in our lives, the living being around us, and even our own relationships.

5 signs your partner has lost interest in you
1. They become too busy suddenly for you
If he suddenly becomes extremely busy that he or she doesn't make time for the relationship, it is a clears sign he has lost interest in you. If you still matter a lot to him or her, she would constantly adjust some time of the 'busy' moment for you.
2. They become self- centered
Does he or she put your needs behind as though your needs don't exist? Life's all about where they want to go, who they want to hang out with and what they want to do. People with that mentality are often the type who thought they wanted a relationship but really just wanted the 'status' it brings; they have no interest in actually caring for another person.
3. No Sex
The nights you're together, instead of getting hot and heavy in the sheets, he's been falling asleep faster than a baby. And when you try to initiate, he says he's tired and rolls over. That is enough to let you know interest has dwindled 'drastically'.
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5 signs your partner has lost interest in you
4. He becomes defensive and rude
When the nice, sweet man you fell for starts ignoring you, hurls insults and gets sarcastic, it's a big red flag.
5.Less vibe
They become another person when they are around their family and friends. They act totally different when the two of you are alone.

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