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Police gives 14-year-old boy 36 lashes for being stubborn

The District Police Commander of Akontombra in the Western Region, ASP Dickson Obeng, has been accused of ordering the police officers to flog a 14-year-old class 6 pupil, Stanley Antwi of the St. James Anglican Primary at Akontombra.

According to reports, the victim received 36 cane lashes on the orders of ASP Obeng, for fighting a school mate after school.
Photos making rounds on social media, Stanley is seen with marks of the physical assault at his back.The father of the victim, Enoch Tandoh, a 36-year-old farmer said his son [Antwi] returned from school with his uniform soaked in blood after the flogging.
He narrated the incident to Accra-based Citi FM that "I was in my farm when my wife called to inform me that our children have returned from school, but Stanley is bleeding at his back and so I should stop the farm work and assist to take him to the hospital".
"So I rushed home to see my children only to see my son Stanley with severe marks of beatings at his back, his chest and parts of his stomach. When I asked Stanley what happened, he said the District Police Commander ASP Dickson Obeng whose office is just behind their school ordered his men to whip him for fighting with one of his classmates after school has closed," he added.
He said he later confronted the police commander ASP Obeng over the matter and he admitted ordering his men to flog the boy to teach him a lesson.
According to Tandoh, his son was pinned to a table and flogged by the officers.

He said after his son was flogged, the police commander told him to apply shea butter on the wounds. so everything will be fine.

The victim was then taken to the hospital for treatment.
However, the father of the victim has pleaded with human rights activists to help him get justice for his son.

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