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Dumelo Dated My Sister And Later Left Her – James Gardiner

Actor James Gardiner has confirmed rumours his colleague actor John Dumelo had a sexual relationship with his sister.
Prior to John Dumelo’s engagement to Gifty Mawunya Nkornu in May this year, the actor was alleged to have dated and jilted many ladies including Mr Gardiner’s sister.
Many people who knew the two together tipped the actor would marry.
Reacting to the issue in an interview with Joy News’ MzGee, Mr Gardiner stated that his colleague actor was in an amorous relationship with his sister but refused to comment on whether or not she was jilted.
“That’s entirely between the two of them. Whatever happens in her life and John’s life is up to them...they are adults, I don’t like meddling in other people’s relationship.
"I know they were together but as to how thing didn’t go, how it was supposed to be or whether they had a misunderstanding I have no idea,” he said.
When asked whether his friendship with Mr Dumelo was affected by Dumelo’s breakup with his sister, he said, “No, Not at all! How should it? That’s none of my business, it’s their business."
"They are adults and not kids, no one has to hold their hand and cross the road. So if they decided that whatever it is was best for them and went their separate ways, it’s entirely up to them,” he added.
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