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Ghanaian lady shot to death at funeral service in Toronto

A 31- year -old Ghanaian lady living in Toronto, Canada has died after she was shot at a funeral ceremony in her community close to the Replin Avenue.

According to Janas Nyarko was pronounced dead after being rushed to the Toronto trauma centre.
Confirming the incident Detective Dave Dickinson of the Homicide Unit told that they suspect Janas Nyarko was shot by individuals from another neighborhood in the city.
“It would appear that this is a case of individuals coming from one neighborhood in the city to another neighborhood and shooting the first residents they see.”
Janas Nyarko went to the funeral rites of a Ghanaian lady who died in  Ghana but was flown to Canada for the funeral service on Saturday, June 23, 2018.
Suddenly, there was a sporadic shooting which led to her death.
A Ghanaian resident in the area told said that majority of Ghanaians living in government subsidised houses in Toronto are prone to frequent attacks “because there are bad guys living in the area.”
Nyarko, who migrated to Canada from Ghana in 2001, lived in Toronto alone and worked at a shelter, Dickinson said. There is nothing that indicates that she or any of the other passengers in the car were targeted, he added.
Her death marks Toronto’s 47th homicide of the year and one of four in the GTA in under 24 hours.
Meanwhile, the Police have intensified a search for the killers of the Nyarko.

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