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FIFA Mediator Ready To Pay $10,000 To Watch Anas Football Expose Movie

FIFA Mediator Ready To Pay $10,000 To Watch Anas Football Expose Movie
President of lower side Phar Rangers FC, Nana Yaw Amponsah has said he is ready to pay any sum just to have a stealthy watch of the must be awaited Anas Aremayaw Anas supposed expose on Ghana Football corruption.
Amponsah, a Sports Lawyer and renowned FIFA intermediary, says the anxiety and drama preceding the premiering of the video makes the June 6th date to a long a time to wait.
Last week on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana, hosted by former GFA spokesperson Randy Abbey, the editor in chief of the New Crusading Guide and a partner of Anas hinted that the undercover journalist’s latest investigative piece to be premiered on June 6, centred on corruption in politics and football, a revelation that most observers believe has made people particularly in football circles nervous.
And Nana Yaw Amponsah, who has declared his intention of contesting for the FA top seat claims through the Tiger Eye Team is charging no fee for tickets of the premiering, he together with other stakeholders are ready to offer more than $100,000 to watch the exposed first.
In an interview with journalist Saddick Adams, Amponsah said “We all can’t wait. We don’t know whether we are involved or not and that makes the desperation to watch even greater”,
“I know he is not charging anything but If I get his contact, I would have pled with him to accept any amount so I can watch it”,
“It’s not me alone but trust me there a lot of my colleagues who call frequently to ask and I know more than 100 people who are ready to pay to watch the premiere at Silverbird before anyone else. We can get $100,000 to watch. He can decide to give to charity”,
“We can’t wait till June 6th. The date is killing a lot”, He said
Several top guns of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), have been in a state of apprehension, falling all over each, and querying familiar sources trying to fish for who could be involved in the alleged high-profile misconduct and greed captured by spy grandmaster, Anas Aremeyaw Anas.
Even before the free public viewing on 6th and 7th June, this year, in Accra, key figures within the GFA are reported to have secretly admitted to falling prey to shady deals in the past which has the potential of landing them in hot waters.

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