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10 things you didn’t know about Kwesi Arthur

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Hip-hop artiste, Kwesi Arthur.

Source:Pulse Ghana
Kwesi Arthurplay
Kwesi Arthur
The “Grind Day” hitmaker was nominated for the “Viewers’ Choice: Best New International Act”category alongside Mc Soffia (Brazil), Prince Waly (France), Take A Mic (France), Niniola (Nigeria),Sjava (South Africa), Sik-K (South Korea), Nailah Blackman (Trinidad And Tobago), Not3s (UK) and Iamddb (UK).
Massive votes are already going in for the Ground Up record label signee but a couple of people are wondering who Kwesi Arthur really is.
I contacted his team to share with readers some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Kwesi Arthur and here is what we had.

1. Kwesi Arthur is the first Ghanaian to be nominated for the “Viewers’ Choice: Best New International Act” category

Even though he won the 2018 VGMA “Hip-hop Song of the Year” award with the remix of his hit song “Grind Day” featuring Sarkodie and Medikal, this is his major career success.

2. He is good at kicking the ball

playKwesi Arthur (Twitter)

Kwesi Arthur is not just good at music but football as well. He told “obviously music and I love football which I am good at.”

3. Kwesi Arthur's favourite food 'gari soaking'.

playKwesi Arthur (Instagram)

4. He is inspired by Drake, JAY-Z, Kanye West and Ghana’s Sarkodie

No wonder he is a lyrical monster! He said “I look up to Drake, JAY-Z, Kanye West and Sarkodie.

5. Kwesi is FEARLESS

playKwesi Arthur (Instagram)

He might look like a cool guy but not ‘cool’ when it comes to facing the realities of life. He is fearless!
Kwesi Arthur admits “(I am) fearless…this is a who I am.”

6. His favourite quote is “life is the greatest gift make good use of it.”

7. He almost switched his career for a security guard job

playKwesi Arthur (Instagram)

When life hits you so bad, you tend to find so many ways to survive. This is the story of Kwesi Arthur. When things weren’t going in the right direction, he nearly opted for a security guard job.
“I almost became a security guard,” he divulged.

8. And at some point, he wanted to become a lawyer or soldier

playKwesi Arthur (Instagram)

He said, “at one point I wanted to be a soldier/lawyer.”

9. Kwesi Arthur believes he reached this height of his career because he invested in himself

“I am me now because I invested in myself and positive vibes only no negative vibe,” he disclosed.

10. Kwesi Arthur is goofy if you care to know

playKwesi Arthur (Instagram)

He told that he’s very goofy even though he is calm and quite.
“Behind the calmness and with the spotlight, I like to ‘fool’ around with the same people I’ve known from time. Mep3 gyimie paaaa,” he revealed.

Best New International Act, Viewers Choice Awards
How to vote for Kwesi Arthur to win his BET nomination


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