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Fella Makafui Jabs social media user over her 'cheap' dress

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Ghanaian actress, Fella Makafui is known to be one of the most active and vocal celebrities on social media. But she did not it easy today on Instagram as she literally fought a social media user who mocked an outfit she wore. Fella Makafui had attended Actress the unveiling of Glitz Africa Magazines 20th edition in turquoise looking dress over white shoes and celebrity blogger,..Probably your two month chop money❤️" @charlie_dior who did not take it lying down replied saying "@fellamakafui plz stop with the bullshit !!! This dress is as basic as ur personality... you are really a beautiful woman and ur body is great but ur outfits kills me .. u can’t dress to save ur life ... 

I really know people who will like to style you for free.. u really do need a stylist ... come on WTF! And please don’t get me started with the white shoes ! Why on earth will u pair those shoes with that dress!! It’s horrible ... I’m just saying" , @charlie_dior's claim that "@fellamakafui I found the dress on river Island website lmaooo it €10 stop bragging let me style u or I know someone who can start styling u for free .. it not what u wear it how u wear it!" The last claim seemed to have killed Fella's vim for the banter who told @charlie_dior "oga na you carry am ... Your blood too dey hot !!! Abeg take panadol ��" Interestingly, Fella Makafui's response at first did not sound friendly like the last and she even told off those who tried to stop her from responding to the guy's post. has not verified @charlie_dior's claim of the dress being 10 euros but Fella's inability to counter his claim right there suggests he may be right.

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