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When dancehall met Cowboy – The Shatta Wale Gringo review

The gringo video continues to sharply climb in popularity as it’s also being questioned. Here is one such review from popular Social Media Maverick Pope and the host of the Business Reality show “The Deal”
So I went to YouTube to check what all this gringo-gringo business was about. It is 7mins:6seconds of truly a music on one side, and a video on the other side. Here is my opinion after just one viewing….
1. High Quality Video, clearly big Budget and improves or brings some attention to the Ghanaian music video business. Sesan is not a small boy and This is the kind of “thing” that the TRACE Africa people want anaaa? Ok
2. The song proper/itself is like 2mins and it starts after like 2 and half mins of the prelude plenty talking nu. I think the song is shatta’s best attempt to finally be able to brag that he’s doing dancehall for me.
3. bRackMa3n kill White Maen for feem inside, I hear it’s a change in colonial notion and trumps racism small so let me add it to the accolades 
1. Does any of you remember the song after the video?
2. What has cowboy got to do with Dancehall?
3. Perfect DanceHall Track, but no correlation with the actors and appearance, because they didn’t understand what the song was about and they couldn’t even string one dance move each
4. Not even one mention of GRINGO in the song, (after the first stanza nu) and honestly there was no message in the song even though it sounded very good in my ears
5. Ok why did Bulldog appear in the video? No issues with him but when I saw him I remembered him collecting Stoneboys car and I squeezed my face. I mean what does it take for a business to hide its bad nuts and keep the work going clean? Ah Well it’s not my company just my opinion.
So where do we go from here?
I am not an entertainment commentator but personally this looks just like Sarkodie and Acehood’s new guy Forkins in 2015 or so….
If the story line could at least correlate with the message mpo k3k3 at least I would have given it to them, but aside the huge Budget for this, I will give them 5/ win an award bcos of spend but if the music hits like Ayoo or Dancehall king then call me Ayele S3b3 fl) tsweaaa adierrr Wei 😂😂😂
On the real, I wish he had gone to Jamaica or gotten some major act to feat. Him To make the song complete but the shoddy work is in the music and all the effort went into making this Hollywood Video.

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