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Slay queen who claims to live in a mansion caught fetching water with Kufuor gallons

- Reports on social media suggest that the lady who claims to be rich was caught carrying two Kufuor gallons full with 25 litres of water each
 Yang Radio has sighted a video of a lady On being mocked on social media for living a fake life. The beautiful lady is said to be a Facebook slay queen who has been pretending to be living the high life and actually had her location on social media as the UK. But she has been caught in a lie as a viral video of her at her home has brought bare the true person she is. While she had reportedly bragged on social media that she was living in a mansion, madam fake slay queen was spotted in an area nowhere near an estate as expected, but a slum and she was seen carrying two Kufuor gallons, one each in hand, full of water. the lady who is believed to be a Nigerian is seen dropping the gallons and running away at some point. gathers she run away because she had been spotted by someone who knew her as a slay queen on Facebook., a lady who is willing to carry about 50 litres of water should be commended as hardworking but this one is being mocked because by running away, she herself has accepted the fact she has been lying. It must be noted that this slay queen is not the only of her calibre. There is an uncountable number of them out there on social media who are living pretentiously. The onus thus lies on you to be careful about the people you deal with or so-called friends on social media.

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