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Brother Sammy Needs to be Serious For Once-Papa Ike

Brother Sammy,Gospel Musician Popularly known as "The Nation Worshipper"
has recieved jabs from some Ghanaians who excercised their desatisfaction in His brand New Song which he calls
"Nsemfon",Literaly means "Nonsense".The Song Which he claims to be a worship song has some unqualified words in the lyrics
which does not depict the image of a gospel Song.In Another view ,Some Ghanaians cconcluded he actually directed this song in
in question to Fellow industry mate "Cecilia Marfo" whom Brother Sammy claims to have issues with.Not Long Ago reports from trusted
sources states clarely unsettled issues what so be it between the two which went to the extent of Brother Sammy
Slapping Cecilia Marfo.Well some other people see it is as a time for Gospel icon,Brother Sammy to Slash out his "enemies" and critics
out through his new song.Mr Isaac Kweku Kpogeh widely known in the media circles as "Papa Ike" host of "The Punch" show on Yang Radio
has caution Gospel icon Brother Sammy  to be Extra serious for once as an individual and a Gosple artist."Brother Sammy
We saw where you started from and we are aware how you came to lime light so remember where you came from and therefore
when you go wrong,we will Punch You and stratighten You,Brother Sammy,You Better Come and Appologize"Words of Papa Ike.

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