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BREAKING NEWS: Techiman City in trouble as CAS dismisses appeal against GFA, club set to suffer huge fine

Techiman City FC are in hot waters as the Court Of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) has dismissed their appeal against the Ghana Football Association and has directed that the decision of the Appeals Committee of the FA must stand.
On top of the dismissal, the Division One League side re to pay a huge fine to be determined by FIFA to cover the cost of the arbitration processes.
In a document chanced upon by, signed by Luigi Fumagalli – Sole Arbitrator of the case, the appeal file by the Ghanaian club had no merits hence the dismissal.
Techiman City officially reported Techiman Eleven Wonders to FIFA, CAF and the GFA for inducing their player Martin Kyeremeh ahead of their clash in Techiman.
This followed the action of the decision of the Appeals Committee of the FA to overturn the decision of the Discipline Committee which was in favour of Techiman City.
The Appeals Committee threw away the ruling of the DC to rule in favour of Wonders who were charged for inducing the player ahead of the local derby between the two sides.
City’s discomfort with the decision of the Appeals Committee jumped to CAS to seek redress but the final ruling from CAS means the Appeals Committee took the right decision.
The Zone One of the Division One League has been characterised by legal wars compelling the DC to suspend the zone for a month to handle the legal issues but the legal tag of war does not show any promise of ending any time soon.

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