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7 hot and wild photos of the slay queen accused of sleeping with Kofi Adjorlolo and his son

Reports emerged last week that veteran actor, Kofi Adjorlolo and his son have been caught in a love triangle with one lady at the centre. The reports, which suggested the father and son were sleeping with the same lady, however, failed to mention whether the two knew of the situation. Not long after the reports emerged, the lady at the centre of the rumours, Ama Richest came out to deny allegations. For Ama Richest, it is a taboo for a woman to sleep with a father and son and more importantly, it is against her belief and virtue as a changed person. "Is not only a taboo to do that but it’s against everything I stand for’ I am a change person and am trying to better my life people should also try and do that and stop making up stories that’s ain’t true, thanks,” she posted on Instagram. So who is Ama Richest? Ama Richest According to checks, Ama Richest is a one of the most popular slay queens on Snapchat.  She gained national attention in 2017 when she shared some nude photos of herself with a body painting of all the 2017 newsworthy topics appeared on social media. Actually, Ama copied the idea of nude painting from an American model but hers got a lot of bashing from Ghanaian social media users.  Said to be closely associated with self-professed prostitute, Queen Farcardi, Ama Richest is believed to in that line of business. In fact, talk from some quarters suggest that she actually charges not less than $100 as an escort. Though Kofi Adjorlolo has not reacted to the reports, his close association with someone with such a profile raises eyebrows. Check Ama Richest Photos Below

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